Terms & Conditions

Whereas: The Supplier provides graphic design services (hereinafter: “professional area”)
And whereas: The Client is interested in receiving these services from the Supplier
And whereas: The parties wish to define a legal relationship between them within the framework of this Agreement:

Therefore it is agreed and declared between the parties as follows:

  1. Introduction  

a) The introduction to this Agreement and its Appendices constitute an integral part of it.

b) The titles of the items were listed for the purpose of convenience only and are not meant to be used in order to interpret the Agreement.

  1. Declaration and Commitment of the Service Provider

The Supplier hereby declares and undertakes that:

a) There is no constraint by law or agreement to the contracting in this Agreement.

b) The Supplier will provide graphic and graphic design services to the Client in accordance with the instruction of the Client (hereinafter: “the services”).

c) The graphic design ordered and chosen by the Client shall be original.  The original files and copyrights for the design shall be transferred to the Client upon completion of the payment.

d) The Supplier undertakes not to copy, photocopy or publish the graphic design that the Client ordered.

  1. Period of the Agreement

a) This Agreement shall become valid at the time it is signed and shall remain valid until completion of the work ordered by the Client (hereinafter: “Date of Completion of the Agreement).

b) It is hereby clarified that the Client shall be entitled to notify the Supplier that he does not have to supply the services ordered, on the condition that the Client pays the Supplier the payment that he is entitled to for the work he has done prior to the notification by the Client and for various expenditures for the order which was signed by the Client.

  1. The Payment

a) In payment for the graphic design services and to fulfill all undertaking by the Supplier in accordance with this Agreement, the Client undertakes to pay the overall amount.

b) The payment shall be paid in the following manner:

  • Upon signing of this Contracting Agreement, the Client will pay 50% of the overall total amount.
  • Upon completion of the work the Client will pay the remaining 50% of the overall total amount.
  • It is hereby clarified and agreed upon that the work for this order by the Client shall begin with the transfer of the first payment.
  • The Client shall have the possibility of making the payment through the PAY PAL, and this with a 5% supplement of the overall payment.
  • It is declared and accepted by the customer that if the customer fails to pay the invoice payment as determined by the parties in the previous paragraph, the customer will be charged 100 nis per day for each day of delay.
  1. Transfer of Rights and Obligations

The Supplier is entitled to transfer and/or assign and/or give to another the rights and obligations in accordance with this Agreement, all or part, on the condition that the rights of the Client according to this Agreement are not harmed.

  1. Miscellaneous

a) It is hereby clarified to the Client that all means of communication with the Supplier shall be carried out exclusively by e-mail.

b) Every change in the graphic design because of the Client and by the Client which is different from the original order, shall be subject to a charge of payment for the change requested by the Client.

c) Attention is called to the awareness of the Client that the Supplier retains the right to transfer the implementation of the order by the Client to a sub-contractor and the Client gives his approval for this.

d) The Client shall not have any claims regarding the item mentioned above, 6c); implementation of the order by a sub-contractor.

e) The Supplier shall not be responsible in any manner for damage either the outcome or circumstantial (including all, without exception, cases of loss of profit, ceasing of commercial activity or monetary losses) that are related directly or indirectly to the logo / graphic design that the Client ordered.

f) It is clarified and agreed upon by the parties that the Supplier is not responsible for preserving the design pattern chosen by the Client and ordered by him.

g) In the event that the Client requests to preserve the graphic design pattern, then this preservation would require payment which would be charged to the Client.

h) In the event that any payment is not transferred by the Client on time, the Supplier may delay the timetable even beyond the days of delay in payment.

i) In the event that the Client does not comply with the charges of payment set in this Agreement, the Supplier will send him a warning letter, in which it requests that the Client correct the violation, and the Client will be charged for these expenditures.

j) In the event that the Client does not act in accordance with that stated in the warning letter within seven days to correct the violation, legal action will be taken against him for collection of the debt.

k) In the event that differences of opinion arise between the Supplier and the Client regarding any matter related to this Agreement, the Court in Tel Aviv will have the jurisdiction in this matter.

  1. Notification

a) The addresses of the parties to this Agreement are as detailed at the beginning of this Agreement.

b) Any notification sent by registered mail by one party to the other, at the addresses at the beginning of this Agreement above shall be considered as to have been received by the other party within 72 hours from the time it is sent by the post office. If it is sent by fax, within one business day from the date sent, and if by messenger – at the time it is delivered.